Independent Senior Sales Director, Mary Munns, shares her 33 year-long Mary Kay iStory ❤

When I look back, it is hard to believe I have been a part of Mary Kay Cosmetics for nearly 33 years! What an influence it has been in my life and my children’s. I was invited to a Mary Kay party when my husband and I moved to Brisbane with our two children as a result of his job. I was pregnant, and gave birth to my premmie youngest son. My husband worked away for three weeks and then would come home for a weekend. I had a friend in Brisbane who invited me to come to a Mary Kay make-up party. I had no idea of what it was as I had never heard of the brand (certainly never in Mackay!) The lady conducting that morning was Norelle Turner Allen. “What a whiz bang person”, I thought and we had a ball. The products were great and I loved being a hostess myself. It meant I could get my product at a discount and have some girlfriend time while my husband was away.

The question for me to train as a consultant was asked but the time was not right for me to train in the Beauty Industry (or so I thought!) But I was looking for something. So my husband bought me a business to keep me occupied– a Laundromat. From the day I took over the business it was a struggle with three small children under five. The dry weather set in and as it stopped raining nobody needed to use the dryers. During this time there was an electrical industry dispute which stopped us using all machinery completely. The cashflow dried up. However, I was determined to not fail! I began a business within a business and Norelle became my first ironing client, never missing a chance to tell me how easy Mary Kay would be compared to ironing all day AND doing the deliveries after that. She was right! After three years, the business sold at a profit and I vowed never to go into business again. I had an ironing breakdown! Norelle never gave up and saw something in me that I couldn’t see. There were to be the three more years of my life saying NO to a consultancy with Mary Kay that I would regret most, and still do, however everything in life happens for a reason.

My husband was promoted and we moved to a little country town. I had been out of the structured work force for 10 years so deciding to train in the Beauty Industry with Mary Kay became a necessity. Also, I would be able to purchase my products at a discount and make some new friends. I am a shy person, so while I found Mary Kay to be simple, it was difficult to chat to people. However, the plus side was I could be home for my youngest child and still be involved at school with the other two. I had plenty of time to be a Mum with my youngest as I developed the confidence and skills to move forward. I had never planned on doing anything but getting my products and having fun with some new friends. However, within two years, we were in qualification and debuted as Norelle’s first offspring unit on 30th June 1988. The Dynamic Dwyers have truly lived up to their name; we earned our first pink car within six months, achieved the Circle of Achievement ($250,000—$499,000) in our first year and have never missed a year since! In 2015 we reached the Excellence Circle with a turnover in excess of $650,000 and placed fourth in Australia & New Zealand. 
Diamond Rings and other gorgeous jewellery, a trip to NZ where I was the guest speaker, earning three trips to Dallas and meeting Mary Kay Ash herself have been thrilling highlights of my career! I have also had the privilege to be awarded 10 FREE Pink Career Cars. Personal development through my contact with the philosophies and ethics of Mary Kay Ash enabled me to develop the strength to independently support myself when my marriage broke up, enabling me to put the 3 children through private school. All three have a University degree (thank you Mary Kay!) and have grown up with the belief they can achieve anything in life if they are prepared to try hard enough whilst treating people in the manner they themselves would like to be treated. I am extremely proud of the successful adults they are today.

The significant life skills the four of us have gathered along the way are too numerous to mention for we are ALL achievers in our selected fields - however the one family motto that stands out is: “Do your best and then some, so at the end of a day when you look in the mirror and ask the question of yourself, ‘Did I do good today?’ the mirror will look back and say ‘Yes’ and you will feel a sense of achievement for a day well finished.”

What the future holds can’t be foretold but it’s exciting for me to know that I am in control and can achieve anything I dream of. All I have to do is stay focused on my personal dream of being a leader of magical women within Mary Kay Australia, showing the new generations of women joining our company that it is possible to work in your own business, be home for the children and achieve personal success often only dreamed of in other jobs. 

My role of being a leader of leaders is not about age but is about caring for women of all age groups and helping them develop their own skills and ability to be independent members of today’s world. Women like me who want to be able to develop and run a business from home and expand it through the different stages of their life. Mary Kay herself did not start this business until she had retired from her career and this was long before women worked outside the home. So a home based beauty business in today’s world regardless of age, nationality or past experience is her legacy to the women of today. Please share the experience with other women...where would I be if Norelle had not shared her experience with me? Enjoy the wonderful exciting experience of Mary Kay as it reinforces its relevance in a modern world.