Independent Sales Director, Tara Vines, shares her iStory, showing what you can achieve within just two years with Mary Kay.

The reason I started with Mary Kay was because I hadn’t ever looked after my skin before. I was 29 at the time and my sister asked me if I wanted to go to her Mary Kay skin care party. I didn’t know what to expect and had no idea about skin care but I went along for my sister. Little did I know it was about to change my life. I started with Mary Kay for two reasons; for the money and because the products were amazing! I loved how I could make money whilst enjoying the products at the same time. Money and flexibility was definitely something that pulled me in. My partner and I had a stillborn baby in 2014 and, having worked in child care for 14 years, I wanted something that I was able to do and still get a full time income. I wanted something where I don’t have to work 9 to 5, I am able to stay at home, look after myself and have a healthy baby in the near future.

My sister, Ang Vines, soon to be Team Leader, was my go-to lady. She really got my business up and running for me by supporting me with endless parties with her different groups of friends. Ang had lived in Armidale a lot longer than myself and had so many connections. Then it just grew for me. I was partying with people both of us didn’t even know. It was great!

Attending Seminar 2017 was definitely what made me see that team building was the career path for me; seeing and hearing the stories of so many women from different walks of life and what they were doing because of their Mary Kay careers. I related to a fellow Beauty Consultant Stevie Lee Reed as she was close to my age. She was so beautiful and she was living the dream. I thought “I want to be just like Stevie-Lee”.
People that know me know that I LOVE routine and I LOVE setting goals and achieving them! So for me, tracking was the best thing during my career progression at Mary Kay. I made sure I set time aside each week to fill out my tracking sheets for the week and plan what I was going to do each day to get me to where I wanted to be by the end of the week and I’d stick to it as much as possible. Not every week was smooth sailing, for example, moving from NSW to the Gold Coast during my last month of DIQ... But I knew I just had to stay focused. I had my eye on the prize and through all the ups and downs I just made sure I kept a good, positive mindset and did what I had to do to become a Director - book parties, sell and share! I had such wonderful support from my National Sales Director, Lee Cassidy, which really helped. My Director, Christine Fittler, all my Vines Unit girls and my partner Manu weren’t bad at supporting me too! 

Joining Mary Kay has given me so much more confidence. I was never that girl that could meet someone new and start a conversation. So thank you to Mary Kay. It has also helped us out financially. It’s so nice to be able to go away on a holiday knowing that Mary Kay has you covered.