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Mary Kay® eCatalog App

Be in the know on the hottest makeup, the latest skin care, beauty trends, special offers, limited-edition products and more. Love the app? Don’t forget to tell us in the app reviews.

Key Features:

  • NEW! Access Mary Kay® eCatalogs any time, anywhere!
  • NEW! Enhanced shopping experience.
  • NEW! Improved social sharing. Try it today!
  • NEW! Specially optimised for all of your devices!
  • Browse all Mary Kay® products.
  • Ability to view videos when available.
  • Keyword searchable pages.

Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover App

Customise looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colours, hairstyles, hair colours, accessories and more. Love this app? Don’t forget to tell us in the app reviews!

Key Features:

  • NEW Accessories! Create fun, new looks by adding sunglasses, coloured contacts and more.
  • NEW Star Scenes! See your face on a glamorous fashion runway or billboard.
  • NEW Feedback! Give us your comments and ideas so we can make the virtual makeover even better!
  • Use your own photo or model shots.
  • Choose from hundreds of hairstyles and colours.
  • Customise your eye makeup, lip colour, accessories and more.
  • Share with email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Landscape mode reveals your face in the Beauty Mirror side by side with makeup artists’ how-to videos.
  • Create shopping lists of your favourite products or buy the whole look.
  • Save your favourite makeovers to view again later.

Mary Kay® Virtual makeover App


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