Mary Kay® Reviving Facial Spray by Skindinävia



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An infusion of coconut water hydration delivered in a lightweight spray.

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A reviving, wake-up-your-skin step you wont want to skip. Mary Kay® Reviving Facial Spray by Skindinävia provides an instant burst of moisture your skin is going to love. Infused with coconut water full of electrolytes, vitamin B3, a trio of minerals and an energising coconut scent, this lightweight spray is the perfect addition to your skin care routine.
Use to awaken skin in the morning before primer or as an all-day pick-me-up for the refreshed feeling you need to face any activity! Just carry the portable, powerful spray with you as you go about your day for an anytime awakening and boost of dewy moisture. Wondering when is the best time to spritz?

  • Before workout as a pick-me-up for tired skin
  • After workout for a spritz of cooling moisture
  • Midday to beat daily stress and awaken your senses with refreshing coconut
  • Anytime you want to overcome the dry wintertime with a boost of moisture
  • After a long flight when skin could use refreshing

To apply:
Shake bottle well. Close eyes, hold 8-10 inches from face, and mist lightly two to four times in "X" and "T" formations.
Coconut water full of electrolytes, vitamin B3 and a trio of minerals pack this hydrating spray.
Claims and Benefits
  • Provides an instant boost of hydration after cleansing and before priming
  • Refreshes skin throughout the day
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy
  • Dermatologist-tested