Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadow



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This pigment-rich, life-proof eye shadow comes in a spectrum of sensational shades and holds strong for 12 hours.*
  • Makeup artist-curated shades evaluated on extensive range of skin tones.
  • Intense colour payoff.
  • Glides on evenly and easily.
*Results based on a 12-hour independent clinical study in which 27 women used Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadow after a single application.

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Visualise the most stunning, pigment-rich eye shadow imaginable, in a life-proof formula that holds strong for 12 hours.* Add a spectrum of sensational shades curated by top international makeup artists. Can you have it all? Absolutely! Open your eyes to new Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadow, the high-confidence, no-compromise, get-ready-for-compliments colour experience.

Powered by Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Matrix Technology, every smooth, even stroke of this supreme shadow boasts true, high-impact colour payoff with extreme adherence. Blendable and buildable, colors seamlessly transition for perfectly put-together looks. And messy fallout’s a thing of the past. Crease-free and fade-proof, you can count on this long-lasting color to stay looking fresh through work, workouts, weather and more. It’s a beauty breakthrough you’ll love at first swipe.
1. Light tone: The lighter tone is used to emphasise areas of the eye such as the eyebrow bone and the inner corner of the eye. Depending on the shape of your eyes, you can apply it on the entire eyelid or only from the lash line to the brow bone.

2. Intermediate tone to give colour: For a professional look choose a neutral tone. You can apply it on the entire eyelid or just above the crease of the eye to add definition.

3. Tone to give depth: The darker tone brings colour and depth to the eye. It is usually applied along the line of the eyelashes and with an upward movement toward the outer half of the eye crease.
All-New Matrix Technology
Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Matrix Technology is an industry innovation enabling intense color payoff and formula endurance in a single product. This advanced hybrid technique wraps finely milled, premium pigments in a silken layer of cream to amplify colour like never before. The enhanced pigments are then fused into a lightweight powder to create a smooth and flexible matrix. Silken in texture and featherlight, Mary Kay Chromafusion™ Eye Shadow glides on evenly and easily. It moves with the skin comfortably while maintaining color integrity through 12 hours of wear.*