Mary Kay® Believe+Wonder™ Paint The Sky™ Collection


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Grab a paintbrush from the clouds and let the sky be your canvas. A whimsical arrangement of apple blossom, freesia and orange blossom creates an enchanting moment. Let this floral fruity blend lift you off the ground.

The collection includes:
  • Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Paint the Sky™ Shower Gel
  • Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Paint the Sky™ Body Lotion
  • Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Paint the Sky™ Fragrance Mist
  • Collection Bag

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  • Overview
pecial-Edition Believe + Wonder™ Collection

Believe it’s possible. Wonder what can be.

Escape, even if just for a moment in your mind, to a place where happiness floats through the air like confetti. To a place that brings a smile to your face. To a place where you truly believe you can do anything and happily reflect upon it in wonder. Three joyous scents allow an anytime escape to the best corner of your imagination. And they’re available in a body lotion, fragrance mist and shower gel! So wonderful. So giftable.