About me:

From: Bartonville, Texas

I've been married just over 20 years to John. He's an accomplished professional baseball player. We have five children: twin girls, Katie and Addie, 15; a son, JD, 10; our youngest, Annabelle, 8; and our eldest, RJ, 20, of whom we took legal guardianship when he was 16. Our family has been forever changed for the better because he joined our lives.

My fave things:

Family vacations in Maui, running and a good chick flick.

Before I started my Mary Kay business:

I was a stay-at-home mom. And still am with an even more fulfilled life!

My biggest concern about starting a Mary Kay business:

Where I'd find the time. My life was already very full raising five kids.

How I've changed:

I have a much clearer set of priorities. I am a much more encouraging mother, and my entire family has many new friends that we never would have known without this opportunity.

Why Mary Kay rocks:

Living according to our own values, on our schedules and creating our own paychecks!

How Mary Kay fits into my idea of being a complete woman:

A complete woman is one who is content yet challenged. Mary Kay fits with that idea by bringing dreams and desires from fantasy into reality, while never letting limited thinking interfere. It challenges me to live with my eyes wide open to life's endless possibilities, while creating a work ethic that blesses from the inside out.

"It challenges me to live my life with my eyes wide open."

How I give back:

I'm involved in several community organizations. They are all making a difference in the life of a mother or child through tangible solutions — from a Christmas gift in an unexpected shoebox, to surgery that was never thought possible, to food, encouragement and education.

My customers' top three fave Mary Kay® products:

TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser, TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer and TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set.

What I offer women through the Mary Kay opportunity that they can't get elsewhere:

I try to offer women a relatable context of success. I use my weaknesses and my strengths to offer a consistent basis of support. And always remind them that they are unique and have a special gift to offer the world around them.

My top Mary Kay digital marketing tools:

MKeCards®, videos from the Mary Kay® YouTube® channel posted on my Facebook® page and online shopping through my Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.